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Why Hanwha Flooring?

Easy Maintenance

Anti-pollution effect makes it easy to clean and maintain for better health. No cement dust or messy grout lines.




All in all, The Hanwha Advantage talks about 14 benefits brought to you by Hanwha Flooring products.








Another advantage of Hanwha flooring products is its good sound absorption from different floor levels. It has higher noise interception than other regular flooring materials.


Dimensionally Stable

Since Hanwha flooring products do not contain plasticizers, deformations due to temperature changes or humidity does not occur. Contraction and expansion of the material is very minimal.




DIY Installation

Hanwha flooring products are easy to install and can be done even by non-professional end users. We recommend the use of water-based adhesives that can be bought from any local merchandising stores. With Hanwha flooring, you can change and reuse the material any time when you need to transfer from one place to another. Since it is Do-It-Yourself friendly, you don’t need to vacate your place during installation when you want to upgrade or renovate a site.




At Hanwha Flooring, we understand each and every customer need. This is why Hanwha premium flooring products offer the best solution to every flooring dilemma. These are the reasons why you will get great value for your money for each piece of Hanwha flooring tile that you buy.



Hanwha flooring is guaranteed to contain no plasticizers that release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). It also restrains toxic substances from being embedded into the surface. In addition, Hanwha’s state-of-the-art technology produced flooring products with antibacterial particles on its surface. This special property nullifies bacterial infestations on the flooring upon contact.




A common concern for all flooring products is durability. With all Hanwha flooring products, you can be assured that your flooring will stand the test of time. High quality control protocol ensures that every tile is especially scratchproof and resistant towards deterioration and cracking that may be caused by impact. Hanwha’s vinyl composition tiles are guaranteed for any heavy traffic area. In addition, Hanwha luxury vinyl tiles have a special UV Coating on its surfaces that preserves the brand new feeling of the flooring even upon exposure to direct sunlight.